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GONUL PAKSOY OF ISTANBUL | Timeless Simplicity: From Collection to Creation

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GONUL PAKSOY OF ISTANBUL | Timeless Simplicity: From Collection to Creation

From the 17th - 23rd of January 2019, ARTISANS’ was proud to host Istanbul’s celebrated collector, designer, and author Gonul Paksoy’s Timeless Simplicity: From Collection to Creation. 

Paksoy’s designs are informed by her vast collection of objects - from archaeological beads to Ottoman textiles and talismans - and the meanings they carry across time.

Paksoy’s timeless garments are inspired by the costume of Sufi Whirling Dervishes, and imbued with a mystical simplicity. Of her inimitable style she says,

‘When antique garments or fabrics are woven or dyed and used in new ways, they are transformed by your creativity and you end up creating a work of your own.’

Paksoy embraces material and design with passion – from textiles to beads to the culinary arts. Her collection of ancient beads and amulets influence her jewelry design. She is at the forefront of the sustainable ‘slow’ food movement, and her revolutionary book, ‘The Zero Waste Kitchen’ is influential today.

On view will be Paksoy’s rag dolls - textile sculptures which started out as children’s pictures and have become a celebration of childhood creativity, freedom and innocence.

About Dr Gonul Paksoy

Dr Gonul Paksoy is a chemical engineer with a Doctorate in organic dyes, and chose to design fabrics, clothes, and jewelry professionally. Gonul is a passionate champion for the protection and preservation of Turkey’s past, taking the aesthetic essence into the future with her timeless design.