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VIMOR SARIS | Saris that speak of a tradition

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VIMOR SARIS | Saris that speak of a tradition

Vimor returns to ARTISANS' with their inimitable heritage saris in an exhibition 'Saris that speak of a tradition,' presenting their story of the revival, re-imagining and preservation of traditional handlooms. The exhibition featured a collection of their iconic Saris – of Indira Gandhi  where they re-created some of her original saris – which has taken on a life of its own since the 1970s, as well as some of their new weaves from Rajasthan Heritage week 2017 collection where they developed saris with weavers who have never woven saris before.

At Vimor, each of the sarees has a detailed note of its weaving history. Collection of saris strays away from the Kota and khadi weaves which are the most popular weaves of region. Their weaves are inspired by the rugs & shawl weaves. Extra weft technique are used to make their looms and yarns.

All innovation in hand woven textiles is a journey of challenges overcome. Muddaya and her team too grappled with language barriers, great geographical distances and diverse mindsets. Eventually ARTISANS' is proud to present a collection by VIMOR that is an inspired breakthrough. It sheds light on the special Rajasthan weave among others. 



‘Vimor’, meaning ‘pure’, stands for the revival of the art of designing handloom saris. Their work has been a result of years of study and documentation of antique weaving techniques. Mrs.Chimy Nanjappa and her daughter Pavithra Muddaya established Vimor in 1974.

Vimor started off by encouraging and training small-town weavers to produce traditional, marketable saris. Vimor was commissioned to create “The Indira Gandhi Collection” for Mrs. Gandhi’s centenary year by fashion curator Malvika Singh and Prasad Bidapa to re-create & showcase some of the saris from the eclectic wardrobe for which  Mrs.Gandhi was so famous. Vimor has guided weavers by building their confidence. The weavers’ expertise at the loom has ensured long-term financial returns from them. This has not only sustained continuity in work, but also guaranteed employment for years together.