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Tara Books: Playing with Narratives and Structure

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Tara Books: Playing with Narratives and Structure

One of India’s finest publishers, Tara Books' aim is to change the perspective from which stories are told, while simultaneously ensuring that their books are reflective of the rich heritage of India. 

Based in Chennai, Tara Books span a range of genres - from children’s literature and picture books for all ages to titles for adults featuring popular culture and art.

The hallmark of their publishing is engagement with the vibrant diversity of Indian folk and tribal art. They have brought many of these traditions into book format for the first time, by combining them with contemporary design and fine production, and in the process, have re-imagined the perspective from which stories are usually told.

While exploring the form of the book, Tara Books came up with something unique: a book made entirely by hand, from the paper to the printing and binding process. While such artists’ books typically exist in limited editions, they have put mechanisms in place to be able to create these books in large numbers, making them affordable and available to the average book buyer.

Thus, each page is an individual print which showcases beautiful artwork while demonstrating the expert craftsmanship of the bookmakers themselves. Tara Books works with a collection of skilled book artisans from across India, including handmade paper manufacturers, silkscreen printers and hand binders.