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The Enchanted Forest Calendar: 2021
The Enchanted Forest Calendar: 2021
The Enchanted Forest Calendar: 2021

Tarasha Designworks

The Enchanted Forest Calendar: 2021

Rs. 950.00

'Tarasha's Enchanted Forest calendar is a celebration of the earth. Folktales across cultures describe forests as dark and mysterious. In fact, the forest is teeming with life, as magical today, as it would have been for ancient storytellers.

Tarasha's collectible calendars are designed by Rachita Sareen, to be both functional and interactive. Intricate paper-cuts create a dynamic three dimensional experience that build on a theme.

Sareen, an architect and furniture designer (National Institute of Design, India) begins with sketches and handcut prototypes. The production includes digital laser-cut technology and careful hand-assembly, working to impeccable standards.

Simply flip through the calendar from month to month throughout the year, and unfold a whole world within!


Printing, laser cutting, binding, packaging


5.5" x 10.5" 

Care Instructions

Handle laser-cut artwork with care

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