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The Creation Myth: The Crow, the Crab, and the Earthworm

Gond Artist

The Creation Myth: The Crow, the Crab, and the Earthworm

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The genre popularly known as ‘Gond art’ is more accurately called the ‘Jangarh Style’ or ‘Jangarh Kalam’, after Jangarh Singh Shyam, who was discovered in Madhya Pradesh by the visionary artist Jagdish Swaminathan in 1981.

Traditionally, Pardhan Gond artists narrate stories through songs, passed on and kept alive for generations.

In Sacred Roots, Sukhnandi Vyam Pardhan's distinctive voice dispels the notion of a shared 'folk' or 'tribal' art form. His work is set apart by an intellectual approach. While referencing Jangarh's lineage through the finely executed works, he moves beyond established imagery, to focus on the role of his people as custodians of nature.

This painting depicts the Creation Myth of the Gonds. At a time, when the world was all water, Badadev sent the Crow to locate the earth. After flying days the Crow spotted land, and he sat on it. However, it was a claw of the Crab (Kakadamal). The Crab asked the Earthworm (Kichakmal) to share a part of the earth. When the earthworm denied him, the Crab strangled him so hard that he regurgitated the earth.


Pen and Ink, Gouache on Paper


15in x 11in

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