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The Circle of Life Calendar: 2021
The Circle of Life Calendar: 2021
The Circle of Life Calendar: 2021

Tarasha Designworks

The Circle of Life Calendar: 2021

Rs. 950.00

Tarasha's Circle of Life calendar is based on the idea of hope and renewal. Based on the natural cycle of change, the calendar celebrates the transformation from a dark night to a bright and sunny day.

Tarasha's collectible calendars are designed by Rachita Sareen, to be both functional and interactive. Intricate paper-cuts create a dynamic three dimensional experience that build on a theme.

Sareen, an architect and furniture designer (National Institute of Design, India) begins with sketches and handcut prototypes. The production includes digital laser-cut technology and careful hand-assembly to impeccable standards.

Simply flip through the calendar from month to month throughout the year, and unfold a whole world within!


Printing, laser cutting, binding, packaging


5.5" x 10.5" 

Care Instructions

Handle laser-cut artwork with care

Product Dispatch & Shipping Notice

Dispatched within 3 days of receiving your order. No refunds or returns.