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Six Seasons: Spring

Pattachitra Painting from Odisha

Six Seasons: Spring

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Jayadeva’s twelfth century verse, Gita Govind is a metaphorical account of the liaison between the divine Krishna and Radha, manifesting as a cowherd and milkmaid. In this contemporary retelling, beautifully suited to the lyrical Odishi Pattachitra style, the artist captures the essence of young love.

Odishi Pattachitra is rooted in religious painting at the Jagannatha Puri temple. As an art, it has evolved from representing sacred imagery to narrative storytelling, while preserving the stylized forms prescribed in the Natya Shastra.

In a departure from the popular format, which typically give a bird’s-eye view of the narrative encased within ornamental architectural devices, the artist magnifies instead the body language and expression to focus on each rasa or emotion, from sensual desire or sringar rasa to transcendental love or bhakti rasa.

Each intricate painting is done with an extra-fine brush on unbleached tussah silk, using minerals and natural pigments: white is from conch shells or Shankh; yellow is from a mineral, Harital; blood red is from cinnabar or Hingula; terracotta red is from Geru; and black or Kala is from lamp soot.


Lamp Black on Natural silk


Brush on tussah silk with lamp black


Tussah Silk


7in x 7in

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