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Long Black Silk Pin-tucked Dress
Long Black Silk Pin-tucked Dress
Long Black Silk Pin-tucked Dress

Royoko Haraguchi

Long Black Silk Pin-tucked Dress

Rs. 50,400.00

The ‘Koromo’ collection offers one-of-a-kind art to wear! Japanese designer Ryoko Haraguchi's avant garde designs integrate timeless Indian textiles with traditional Japanese techniques.

Using silks, Haraguchi marries techniques of weaving and stitching, with Japanese Itajime and Kaki-shibu persimmon dyeing. In Itajime, the fabric is clamped to a grooved wooden board that resist the dye when compressed. The persimmon dye bathes the fabric with a tannin-rich, aged and fermented persimmon extract.

This long elegant silk taffeta dress is gradation-dyed in black, over-dyed in Kaki-shibu persimmon. It is pin-tucked by skillful tailors.

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Kaki-shibu Dyeing


Silk Taffeta


Free size. One size only.
Length: 49", Shoulder Width: 17", Bust Width: 20", Hip Width: 22", Hem Width: 17", Back opening: 14"

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