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Fiona Caulfield's Love Goa, 3rd ed (Dec 2014)
Fiona Caulfield's Love Goa, 3rd ed (Dec 2014)
Fiona Caulfield's Love Goa, 3rd ed (Dec 2014)
Fiona Caulfield's Love Goa, 3rd ed (Dec 2014)
Fiona Caulfield's Love Goa, 3rd ed (Dec 2014)

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Fiona Caulfield's Love Goa, 3rd ed (Dec 2014)

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The third edition of Love Goa was released in December 2014 and a reprint with updates was done in December 2015. The 200-page book has eight sections, including an overview of the state with 'must knows' and 'must do's’ and presents the best places to eat, drink, shop, stay, be pampered, get fit and explore. The chapters of the book cover North Goa, Central Goa and South Goa.

Author Fiona Caulfield believes that India’s smallest state and one of India’s most popular tourist destinations was in need of a stylish guide that helps both travelers and residents discover authentic experiences. She takes her readers beyond the obvious tourist attractions and helps them fall in Love with Goa. This must have guide contains savvy insider knowledge that a traveler craves. The passionately curated guide is designed for the discerning luxury vagabond who wants authenticity in style.

Unlike mass tourist books, using this guide is like being chaperoned by a good friend. The entries are 'love stories' personally sourced from in-the-know locals including chefs and fisherman, artists and architects, writers and taxi-drivers. Fiona then personally tests every entry, checking that it really is the best experience in its category. Whether it is early morning bird watching, heading out on a snake safari, cooking the perfect fish caldine, assessing a fortune-teller or finding the best rooms - you can be sure all of the recommendations have met her exacting standards.

Like a book of secrets Love Goa reveals true insider experiences in the state ranging from the best Pao Bhaji to the inside track on where to buy cutting edge fashion. Love Goa reveals magical places to stay, from five-star to no star, including private villas and luxury tents.
The best experiences are not obvious. They are hidden in the paddy fields and the villages inland such as the shack where the five-star chef eats on his day off. They are in the home studios of designers and the workshops of artists who thrive in Goa’s creative landscape. This book is not just about simply getting a sense of the state - it's about digging deep into its heart.

The first edition of Love Goa was launched in December 2011 and sold out in the first few weeks before a reprint was done. A year later the second edition was released and the book Love Goa has become regarded as THE guide for discerning travelers to Goa.
Completely hand-made in India, Love Goa celebrates authentic Indian luxury and pays homage to India's rich craft legacy. Love Goa is printed on paper hand-made in Jaipur and the book cover is made from khadi-cotton hand woven in Andhra Pradesh.

Reprint with amends, December 2015



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