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10 Paise Square Earjackets


10 Paise Square Earjackets

Rs. 2,400.00

Vintage 10 paise  scallop coins from 1968-1971 and antique patina come together with verdigris copper in these earrings. This upcycled accessory collection is assembled from discarded waste. Each piece presents an unexpected union of materials that challenges the very notion of what we value as jewelry. 




Verdigris Copper


Brass, Copper

Care Instructions

Keep away from perfume or any harsh chemical. Store in a cool dark place. Store pieces individually to preserve the finish

Product Dispatch & Shipping Notice

Dispatched within 10 days of receiving your order. No refunds or returns.


The surface texture of each piece will be subtly different from the other due to the process involved the crafting the piece.