About Us

At the core of ARTISANS’ ethos is the aim to support long term craft revival, sustenance and growth through innovation. “The aim in setting up the gallery is simple: to go beyond established commercial relationships between buyers and makers of handcrafted artifacts by providing opportunities for learning; creating lasting value through a dialogue between us and our generation of emerging artists, craftspeople, and designers,” says Radhi Parekh.

ARTISANS’ is more than just a venue, a gallery or a shop in the historic heart of Mumbai’s Kala Ghoda art district. It is a social enterprise at the forefront of a movement to nurture India’s creative economy with initiatives that are aimed to change the way we think, behave and choose. “The convergence of art, craft and design at ARTISANS’ is our leitmotif.”

Our Team

Radhi Parekh

Founder and Director

Radhi Parekh, a graduate in Visual Communications from the National Institute of Design, returned to India in 2009 from a career spanning two decades, three continents, and several technology shifts. From designing and illustrating children’s books at Usborne Publishing, London, and multimedia games in San Francisco, to creating online software solutions in Silicon Valley for Oracle and eBay / PayPal, Radhi helped to build truly global products by advocating localization. She founded ARTISANS’ in Kala Ghoda, Mumbai, a centre “where art, craft, and design converge” in 2011, as a social enterprise. A little known fact? Radhi made jewellery as a street artist in San Francisco and she is never happier than when she is handcrafting things!

Shraddha Jadhav

Gallery Coordinator

Shraddha Jadhav earned her Master’s degree in History of Art from The University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies and has a Bachelor's degree in Ancient Indian Culture from St. Xavier's College. She has worked on the Tabiyat Exhibition between India and the UK, and researched art conservation at the CSMVS Museum. Her training in art history and her love for the arts help her manage the exhibitions and events at the gallery with ease. Shraddha is also a singer, performer, and dance teacher, and always travels with a sketch book!

Sunita Sahoo

Sales & Administrative Assistant

Sunita Sahoo graduated with a degree in Commerce from Rizvi College of Commerce. She joined ARTISANS’ to work with the Gallery Shop while pursuing her Master’s in Commerce in Banking and Finance. Before ARTISANS’ she worked at the Mahim Sarvajanik Vachanalaya, a public library located in Mahim, Mumbai. While she is not an artist herself, she is glad that her work allows her to engage with artists, designers, and craftspeople from across the country. She enjoys learning about the processes that go into making an artwork or a crafted product. Sunita loves her movies and believes “a problem well understood is a problem half solved.”