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Love Me True

The Stitching Project

ARTISANS'   |   14 February 2019 - 16 February 2019 | 11am-7pm

Saris | Garments for Men and Women | Homeware

This Valentine's Day, The Stitching Project transforms clichéd graphic elements associated with the day, through expressive surface design mixed-media techniques. 

Love Me True is a contemporary take on romance. Each textile is individually hand printed in shades of red - from passionate crimsons to blushing pinks - by Fiona and her team. The Stitching Project works with a committed group of women, to keep employment in the village by utilizing local craft skills. Their love for handwork and the deep appreciation the team has built for each other is tangible in this bold and beautiful collection. 

“There‟s everything to set the scene for a romantic Valentine‟s Day. We open on February 14 after all”, says Fiona.

Fiona Wright and Praveen Nayak are co-founders of the social enterprise, The Stitching Project in rural Rajasthan. It grew from simply wanting to help local women make a bit of extra income.  Fiona, who is of Australian origin, is a textile artist and teacher. She runs a stitching workshop with a group of women, where the emphasis is on traditional ‘make-do’ practices, and local craft, that she first encountered in India

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