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Saris for Mrs. G and Other Revivals

Vimor   |   28 September 2018 - 29 September 2018 | 11 am to 7 pm

Vimor brings to Mumbai ‘The Indira Gandhi Collection’ specially recreated for Mrs Gandhi’s centenary year. Drawing from her iconic wardrobe, Vimor's Saris for Mrs G is a story of revival and re-imagination of traditional handloom. Several originals are recreated as faithfully as possible.In addition, Vimor brings other revivals including woven saris of Rajasthan, first presented at Rajasthan Heritage Week.

‘Vimor’, meaning ‘pure’, stands for the revival of the art of designing handloom saris. Their work has been a result of years of study and documentation of antique weaving techniques. Mrs.Chimy Nanjappa and her daughter Pavithra Muddaya established Vimor in 1974.

Vimor started off by encouraging and training small-town weavers to produce traditional, marketable saris. In 2017-2018 Vimor was commissioned to create ‘The Indira Gandhi Collection’ for Mrs. Gandhi’s centenary year by curators Malvika Singh and Prasad Bidapa. Mrs. Gandhi wholeheartedly supported India’s arts and crafts, drawing much attention to her beautiful saris. Her encouragement to the handloom sector is legendary.


Vimor has guided weavers by building their confidence, resulting in ensuring long-term financial returns. This has not only sustained continuity in their craft, but also guaranteed employment for decades.

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