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Urushi: Japanese Laquerware | Eshi: Paintings

Yukiko Yagi, Meguri Ichida and Daisuke Kagawa   |   06 September 2018 - 09 September 2018 | 11 am to 7 pm

Japanese artists Yukiko Yagi and Meguri Ishida bring the art of Urushi, traditional Japanese lacquerware, to ARTISANS’, adapted exclusively for the Indian table.
The word Urushi comes from the Asian tree from which sap is extracted and used to make lacquer. This coating is durable and waterproof, and capable of withstanding the long term effects of alcohol, acid, alkali, heat and humidity. That, in essence, is the reason lacquering methods were developed: to preserve and protect.

Eshi was the word used to refer to the painters who influenced the minds of the people in the Edo Period (1603-1868). The paintings exhibited are original prints of traditional and contemporary paintings on handmade paper by Daisuke Kagawa; each elucidating the Japanese concept of “Younobi” meaning “beauty in utilitarian objects”.

A special series of paintings on display is the 22 GODS of Warehouse, which is a representation of the Tsukumo Gami motif; God of great age and experience. Taking over three years to complete, this series is an expression of the Japanese’s attachment to artifacts.

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