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Rasa: Jayadeva's Gita Gobind in Odishi Pattachitra by Bijay Parida

Bijay Parida   |   24 August 2018 - 29 August 2018 | 11 am to 7 pm

Pattachitra artist Bijay Parida interprets the Gita Gobind (Love Songs of Radha and Krishna) by the 12th century poet Jayadeva of Odisha. He magnifies the details of emotion and body language in a contemporary retelling, capturing the essence of young love, from sensual desire ‘sringar rasa’ to transcendental love or 'bhakti rasa’.

National award-winning artist Bijay Parida is one of the masters of Odishi Pattachitra from Odisha. Proficient in both Pattachitra painting and palm leaf engraving, Parida trained with the prominent artist, Gokul Bihari Pattnaik. He was awarded the Lalit Kala Academy award in 1981, and has taught more than 200 aspiring artists since.

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