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Book Launch

Understanding the Northeast - A Reporter's Journal by Rupa Chinai

Rupa Chinai   |   22 August 2018 - 22 August 2018 | 6 pm

In conversation with the author Rupa Chinai and Wekoweu Akole Tsuhah, Programme Director, Northeast Network, Nagaland.

Having trudged furrows across the Northeast from over three decades of legwork, since 1980, Rupa Chinai’s ‘Understanding India’s Northeast, A Reporter’s Journal’ recounts personal interactions with indigenous communities living in India’s little-known, politically sensitive border areas.

Her book provides context to the various protest movements of Northeast groups in their effort to determine their own destiny. It lays out the historical facts, as they view it. It reveals the diversity and complexity of inter-tribal relationships; of what it means for four consecutive generations who have now lived under the yolk of army as also insurgent excesses.

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