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Handcrafted Ceramic Tableware

Curators of Clay   |   09 April 2015 - 11 April 2015

Curators of Clay return to ARTISANS’ for their second solo exhibition - ‘Serve. Eat. Drink.’Bringing with them, their inimitable flair to a range of exquisitely handcrafted limited edition ceramic tableware. 

Whether you’re serving a full Gujarati thali, piping hot South Indian masala dosas or nimbupani and pasta – Curators of Clay’s plates, platters, bowls, casseroles, jugs, mugs, spoons, tumblers and more presents almost everything a home needs to have a meal in. Every single piece of work is handcrafted using the clay the potters make themselves, fired in their own kilns and using their own palette of glazes - ensuring a true bespoke ceramic experience. 

A small ceramic atelier founded and run by two potters with a passion for clay, Bhairavi Naik and Rohit Kulkarni are Curators of Clay. Setting up their studio purely as an indulgent pursuit of beauty and peace, the two curate bespoke, beautiful and functional ceramics. Believing the best art is the kind you can use and enjoy every single day, all their ware is designed and crafted for precisely that – everyday use. 

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