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There is currently no exhibition on at ARTISANS', please have a look at our upcoming exhibitions. Our gallery shop is open as always, please do drop by!

Sir Patrick Geddes was a pioneer city-planner. The Evergreen Project aims to preserve, conserve, catalogue and virtually .... read more

Geddes' Bombay explores Scottish polymath Patrick Geddes' unrealized town planning reports on Thane and Bandra and early 20th-century arc.... read more

Japanese lacquerware designed exclusively for the Indian table! Each piece represents 'YOnoBI' or the balance of handmade beauty an.... read more

SIGNATURES presented the work of five artists that ARTISANS’ launched for the first time in Mumbai between 2012 – 2016..... read more

Learn hands-on how to transform clichéd graphic elements associated with the day through expressive surface design mixed-media tec.... read more

Saris | Garments for Men and Women | Homeware

This Valentine's Day, The Stitching Project transforms clich.... read more

ARTISANS’ presents Memory of Red 3, an installation by Smriti Dixit. This spirited assemblage of fibres, fabrics and found objects .... read more

Istanbul’s celebrated collector, designer, and author Gonul Paksoy debuted in India with her exhibition Timeless Simplicity: From C.... read more

Ladakh has been largely been studied as part of a Tibetan Buddhist cultural sphere, both by scholars and also in popular imagination. Sch.... read more

Japanese designer Ryoko Haraguchi returns to ARTISANS'. Her avant-garde design integrates Indian weaving and&nb.... read more

Jaishree Pankaj’s paper cutting art is inspired by the ancient art form of Sanjhi rooted in the folk culture of Mathura, Utta.... read more

Fresh off the ramp, Urbania comes to ARTISANS’ with their collection of garments titled, Decadence. This collection is inspired by .... read more

Playpen Performing Arts Trust presents a theatrical adaptation of short stories in English by the Malaysian-Indian writer Malachi E.... read more

Bandit Queen will be exhibiting high end home linen at the ARTISANS’ at greatly reduced prices.

Bandi.... read more

Ahmedabad Walls is a tactile exhibition featuring Patrick Geddes’ Notes on Ahmedabad (1915), coalesced with contemporary aerial pho.... read more

This festive collection features the locally practiced Pittan embroidery of Mewar region.  read more

Katna’s Kantha, a Street Survivor’s Project in Murshidabad now employs 1,500 women in 50 villages, empowering them thro.... read more

With Navratri just around the corner, what better time to celebrate Gujarat!

Women in Gujarat have embroidered.... read more

Vimor brings to Mumbai ‘The Indira Gandhi Collection’ specially recreated for Mrs Gandhi’s centenary year. Drawing from.... read more

Meekhalio launches its very first textile collection of saris which hero the delicate Chanderi silk sari. With this collection, Meekhalio.... read more

ICON: Vintage Chromolithographs is an exhibition of chromolithographs by Raja Ravi Varma and his successors. These incl.... read more

Japanese artists Yukiko Yagi and Meguri Ishida bring the art of Urushi, traditional Japanese lacquerware read more

Vraj:bhoomi continues to be inspired by the textiles along the Silk Road. With Turaz, designer Bhoomi Dani turns the lens on Uzbekistan, .... read more

Pattachitra artist Bijay Parida interprets the Gita Gobind (Love Songs of Radha and Krishna) by the 12th century poet Jayad.... read more

In conversation with the author Rupa Chinai and Wekoweu Akole Tsuhah, Programme Director, Northeast Network, Nagaland. read more

Remote villages in Nagaland preserve their unique textile traditions by continuing to weave nettle fabric and cotton using the the oldest.... read more

ANKA, is a fashion label from Kerala that takes the classic ivory and gold Keralan sari, giving Kasavu weaves a new lease of life..... read more

The Linen Story collection features easy dresses, kurtas, shirts and loose pants designed and woven using organically produced yarns in b.... read more

Metaphor Racha, a sustainable fashion label powered by Khadi - the handspun and hand-woven fabric of India debuted at ARTISANS' offering .... read more

Hand-spun, hand woven cotton khadi is transformed in-house, coloured with natural dyes, hand-stitched and assembled. Their production pra.... read more

Weave Affaire, is a collection that heroes the Jamdani and bridges the gap betwe.... read more

Hot on the heels of the Chikankari exhibition by Sangraha Karigar Atelier, we invited Paola Manfredi for a special event introducing her .... read more

After a successful show at the Lakme Fashion Week 2018, we are proud to announce that The Good Loom, brings to ARTISANS’ their summ.... read more

After a succesful launch at the Lakme Fashion Week of 2018, the Karigar Designers return to ARTISANS' with a collection of fin.... read more

Straight off the ramp from the IMC IMPACT 2018 Fashion Show to ARTISANS' comes Shaila Khubchandani's sustainable fashion brand CROW.... read more

On the occasion of Switzerland’s biennial public diplomacy campaign “70 Years of Swiss-Indian Friendship: Connecting Mi.... read more

Leena Das' Village Art debuts at ARTISANS', with her new collection featuring yarn dyed saris in linen and tussar. She revamps the .... read more

We announce The IMC Ladies Wing IMPACT 2018 Bazaar on March 17, 2018, at.... read more

Ulka Mayur’s Cast Off All Shame places four female bhakti poets in today's context, drawing parallels betw.... read more

Drop by at ARTISANS' this Thursday for a wonderful exhibition showcasing framed advertisements dating back to Pre-Indepen.... read more

Come join us for a musical evening with India's leading slide guitarist. Manish Pingle has won many accol.... read more

This February, Rehwa Society returns to ARTISANS’ with a new collection of saris, scarves and stoles that draw insp.... read more

A wonderful wildlife photography exhibition this February at ARTISANS'. Kushe Bahl and his sons Agastya and Advait who.... read more

This January, Aavaran - Echoes of Rural India comes to ARTISANS' with a new collection of garments hand-dyed in turmeric, indig.... read more

This January, Vinay Narkar returns to ARTISANS’ with his new collection, ‘Chandrakala’, revisiting the traditional Maha.... read more

This December, Katna’s Kantha by Street Survivors India will be making their debut at ARTISANS’ with a collection of “K.... read more

This December, Japanese textile designer Ryoko Haraguchi returns to ARTISANS’. Haraguchi works directly with Indian and Japanese cr.... read more

Get into the Christmas spirit early with our Artisanal Christmas Shopping event - bringing together artists, artisans, designers, an.... read more

This November, ARTISANS’ is excited to welcome back Indigene with their fall winter 2017 collection called “Something Old; So.... read more

India Street Bazaar marks the 70th year of India’s independence. The project’s name is taken from India Street, Vale of Leven.... read more

The curator of India Street Bazaar, Katy West, kicked off the event with an introduction and discussion about the story of Turkey Red in .... read more

An insight into the work and life of celebrated designer, India Street collaborator and Raw Mango founder Sanjay Garg.

.... read more

ARTIS ANS’ is excited to announce the first exhibition of Mir Art Gallery which is a collaboration between Kashmir based entreprene.... read more

This year, ARTISANS’ brought back “Two Together”, a joint exhibition featuring collections from WomenWe.... read more

This September, ARTISANS’ was proud to exhibit Kashi Wafta’s stunning collection of shararas, skirts, crop tops, and ijj.... read more

Tabassum and Arshi, Chikankari embroiderers who have completed the design course with Sangraha Karigar Atelier presented their collection.... read more

This Diwali season, ARTISANS’ presented an exhibition sale cum workshop of Dokra art which is also called the lost wax.... read more

This month we were glad to welcome Umade Kunver back to ARTISANS’ with her Contemporary Festive Collection. This sm.... read more

The perfect evening for art lovers, books lovers, activists, and curious minds!

Tara Books has been working with indigenous artis.... read more

Vimor first revived the classic Pooja sari more than thirty-five years ago, and in this exhibition at ARTISANS’ they will be showca.... read more

For this festive season of Navratri, ARTISANS' explored the textiles and embroideries of Gujarat – Rabari, Suf, Khaarek, Paako.... read more

Bauhaus: A Textile Translation by Karomi, drew inspiration from the famed geometric German art and design movement of the.... read more

Bhu, ‘the Earth’ in Sanskrit, was at the heart of Ek Katha’s new collection. The pieces embody Mother Nature as the omn.... read more

REHWA’s new Festive Collection is rooted in Maheshwari saris and the royal splendor of precious metals and stones. The material is .... read more

Usha Devi Balakrishnan of Anka, decided to work with an old classic – the elegant traditional gold and cream Keralan sari – a.... read more

Vinay Narkar's collection was designed with an intent to revive dhotis and handloom fabrics. Noticing a rich heritage of weaving techniqu.... read more

This August at ARTISANS' three exhibitions were held whose focus was on rediscovering traditional drapes and weaves across India. The fir.... read more

This illustrated, handmade book was a collaboration between contemporary Mithila artist Santosh Das and Dhwani Shah from Tara Books, Chen.... read more

This Janmashtami, ARTISANS’ curated an exhibition titled, ‘Visions of Krishna’ that celebrated t.... read more

Shibori resist-dye technique is not your typical tie and dye. Using deep indigo and detailed careful technique, patterns appear 3 dimensi.... read more

Learn a quick and easy way to personalize all your gear through the craft of stenciling! Learn to create and use stencils.... read more

This traditional Gond painting style has gained recent revival for its bright colors, cheerful energy, and insight into village life. As .... read more

The remote village of Puhputra in Chhattisgarh is renowned for a small group of artists who have developed Bheentichitra .... read more

Open Sky Slam in association with ARTISANS’, is a platform that allows everyone to create and perform. Whether you .... read more

Origata is the Japanese way to elegantly wrap gifts. By using precise folds and no cuts, artists create elaborate, sculpt.... read more

The quintessentially Indian practice of  woodblock printing.... read more

Learn Silk painting, a popular craft that offers artists a satisfying technique for colouring fabric. The smooth weave pr.... read more

Pithora Painting is a tradition from the tribal peoples of Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. While it has its root in cave pain.... read more

The ancient Japanese technique of Shibori resist-dyeing makes for beautiful, long-lasting, fabric book covers. Create a one of a kind gif.... read more

This demo workshop will show you the technique and process of ha.... read more

Dance Movement Therapy helps intellectual, emotional, and physical functions of the body. Come dance your worries away in this .... read more

Weaving has been around almost as long as humans have. Adv.... read more

"Shibori" which comes from the Japanese word "to bend, twist, or pull" is a resist-dye technique from the 8th century. It continues to in.... read more

Experience the wonder of nature! The art of making natural dyes is one of the oldest skills known to humans. Be it from plants, fruits, s.... read more

Salsa is a popular form of social dance that originated in Cuba with strong influences from Latin America, particularly C.... read more

Go traditional with the Srikalahasti Kalamkari, a distinctive art in India created with the help of free-flowing pen. Go over the d.... read more

Japanese art of resist dyeing through the historical, yet oh-so modern technique of Shibori. Learn techniques that can be created by.... read more

Beautify your old sarees, bed sheets, cushion covers using textiles techniques like tie and dye & block printing. Revive all that has.... read more

Zentangle is created by Rick and Maria from USA. They say, “Anything is possible one stroke at a time!”It is a medi.... read more

Fire up the season with some easy and fun dance moves.Get your basics right on the dance floor with popular styles and techniques o.... read more

In this workshop by RISD designer MalvikaVaswani, learn to use design processes for problem solving. The session will take theparticipant.... read more

Learn Malaysian Batik, a technique of wax-resist dyeing on cloth. Paint or print with wax, and dye your patterned cloth to reveal your de.... read more

Dabble in a multitude of techniques that help you reshape the surfaces of any material. Combine stitching and binding to create beautiful.... read more

Cut, polish and emboss leather in this unique workshop to create exquisite designs. Learn a technique that was first introduced in Santin.... read more

In this beginners workshop, get introduced Salsa, Bachata and Cha ChaCha - 3 styles with three distinct beats. No partners required. .... read more

Batik is a technique of wax-resist dyeing applied to the whole cloth. Batik is popular in many countrie.... read more

Get mixing and matching in this hands on workshop. Combine the techniques of block printing with tie and dye to create beautiful patterns.... read more

The blocks of Block Printing, the knots and pleats of Tie and Dye and the technique of Batik are some for the most interesting techniques.... read more

In this advance level workshop, get introduced to knitted product development where participants design and plan a product .... read more

Learn the basics of creative knitting with Peoli. Make your own knitted goodie from exclusively selected materials, colors and patte.... read more

This June, Peoli continues its attempt in diversifying hand-knitting from Kumaon Hills, usually popular to craft winter creations, to bri.... read more

Learn Cyanotype, a photographic 1800s process that prints a permanent cyan blue. Print your own photograph onto a t-shirt for a start

.... read more

Learn the techniques of tie and dye, beginning with folding, twisting, or pleating, then binding with string or rubber bands, follo.... read more

Learn Gond art from Madhya Pradesh from a traditional artists, and understand the sacred stories and myths. Gond is a decorative ar.... read more

Learn Malaysian Batik, a technique of wax-resist dyeing on cloth.Paint or print with wax, and dye your patterned cloth to reveal your des.... read more

Find your inner voice! Explore writing s poem as a personal expression. Write in English , Hindi or your own language! 

.... read more


“Soz-khwani”, is a poetic & musical description and expression of a battle against tyranny in Karbala. Thi.... read more

Connect with nature and create a story which communicates an awareness for the environment! 

.... read more

Mita Parekh brought to Mumbai the very first show of 500 block-printed designer salwarkameez sets and sarees in 1979!  With her 22-y.... read more

Did you know that a great source for natural dyes can be found right in your own back yard! Venture into the world of plants, vegetables,.... read more

From being awarded the Emerging Designer by Grazia  magazine for reinventing old crafts in a contemporary style, PurviDoshi has tran.... read more

The art of book binding is an ancient craft. In this all day workshop by Iteeha, work with paper & the art of binding. Create a.... read more

The process of tie-dye typically consists of folding, twisting, pleating or crumpling a garment & binding with string or rubber bands.... read more

Create characters and stories using basic wire and paper mechanism with artist, pho.... read more

Learn this is a Japanese way of elegantly gift wrapping. Origata or the art of folding paper traditionally uses handcrafted flowers to ex.... read more

This year, as part of our Summer's Cool programme, we present a conversations around food, focusing on artisanal and indigenous ingredien.... read more

ARTISANS’ turned the lens towards sustainability in our lifestyles with a curated selection of talks and shows.  As part of th.... read more

‘Dabu’ or ‘daboo’ is an ancient mud resist hand block printing technique from Rajasthan. Daboo printing is essent.... read more

This April, ARTISANS’ presented a quiet meditative exploration of nature by visual artist Madhuri Kathe.

In Meditations, Ka.... read more

Explore the art of still and stop-motion photography with artist, photographer & filmmaker Shawn Lewis. Learn techniques of por.... read more

Each and every one of us has a story to tell if not two. These stories can come from anywhere, from an incident, your education, listenin.... read more

A beginners workshop for children on basic weaving methods, that are easy to learn and adapt. Jul.... read more

Experience the radiant qualities of watercolour painting with expert Bhavna Shah. Develop practical skills and techniques in paint applic.... read more

A unique chance to learn the art of Palm Leaf Etched Painting or Talapatachitra (tala – palm, patra – leaf, chitra – il.... read more

This April, as part of the first solo show of award-winning PattaChitra artist, BijayParida, get a hands-on understanding of all asp.... read more

It is an art that is rooted in the worship of Jagannatha, an avatar of Lord Vishnu in the temple of Puri. Today, theOrissanPattachitraenc.... read more

As we dance, we are drawing lines in our medium of space. Dance is interlinked with many art forms like painting sculpture, poetry and mu.... read more

The world is extremely volatile and dynamic and to stay in the game, you need to be a step ahead. You can do this by anticipating the fut.... read more

ARTISANS’ presents ethnic clothing and accessories for the home, made from authentic vintage Hmong textiles&nb.... read more

This March, the colours of nature come to life on the blank canvas of fabric. Ajrakh is not just another block printed te.... read more

After the success of Mumbai Articles and Mumbai North, exhibitions of contemporary, aerial photographs of Mumbai city, ph.... read more

ARTISANS’ has always advocated sustainability in fashion processes. In keeping with this belief, this March we presented .... read more

ARTISANS’ presented a second outing of luxury home linen label Bandit Queen’s grand sale! Their artisanal home linen has been.... read more

ARTISANS’ kickstarted the month of March with the work of Sunita Shanker, a designer well known for promoting traditional weaves, e.... read more

Artist, illustrator and animator Allen Shaw is one of those rare travelers that takes his sketchbook with him wherever he goes, no.... read more

A business administration graduate who quit her job at the stock market…

Tripti Bhargava realized that she was not cut out.... read more

This year, in a celebration of artisan-design, the Vankar family lead by master artisan and National award-winner, Chaman Siju along with.... read more

‘Reincarnations’ takes the next logical step in the fashion lifecycle following ARTISANS’ .... read more

Mita Parekh brought to Mumbai the very first show of 500 block-printed designer salwarkameez sets and sarees in 1979!  With her 22-y.... read more

ARTISANS’ is proud to introduce Tsutra – a collaboration between fashion designer and revivalist SonamDubal of ‘Sanskar.... read more

ARTISANS’ presented Cultural Textiles: new designs, an exhibition of rugs, throws, stoles and shawls designed by participants in th.... read more

Corporate lawyer turned textile designer Vinay Narkar comes back to ARTISANS’ with his contemporary handwoven weaves.  This ti.... read more

ARTISANS’ kick started the year with the special show by the Bangalore based Vimor. Continuing VIMOR’s legacy of revival into.... read more

ARTISANS' presented the work of Japanese textile and apparel designer Ryoko Haraguchi, whose avant-garde design integrates Indian weaving.... read more

Within the legacy of Indian studio pottery, Bhopal based artist-ceramicist Shampa Shah is among the few whose vocabulary is rooted in Ind.... read more

Artist Shruti Nelson's fantastical portrayals of nature are well known, but in her latest exhibition, 'The Whispering Garden' that opened.... read more

The Eastern Sojourn- Fall Winter ‘16 collection by Indigene was inspired by Southeast Asian textiles. This collection included hand.... read more

In an absolutely unique show inspired by the Mughal era and their motifs, ARTISANS’ presented a collaborative exhibition of works b.... read more

The annual ARTISANAL CHRISTMAS brings to Mumbai a handpicked selection of talented craft entrepreneurs and non-profits working innovative.... read more

MIRANIKA, a unique brand of jewelry offered the art lover an opportunity to personally engage with works of art. Encapsulated in MIRANIKA.... read more

REHWA from Maheshwar came back at ARTISANS' with an all new Festive Collection! Combining .... read more

Introduction and Welcome Remarks by James Fennell,

Cultural Affairs Officer - US Consulat.... read more

ARTISANS’ held a special celebration show and preview to mark the launch of .... read more

Since 2002 WomenWeave has worked “towards overcoming the vulnerability of women who weave on handlooms and work towards making hand.... read more

ARTISANS’, ‘where art, craft and design converge’, presented textile and fashion designer .... read more

Craftmark is the ultimate endorsement of handmade in India. Established in 2006, this year Craftmark celebrates a decade of establishing .... read more

With Navratri just around the corner, it seemed like the perfect time to celebrate Gujarat. And, ARTISANS' did so by showcasing the best .... read more

ARTISANS’ presented the first solo show of artist-ceramicist Devyani Smith. Her signature use of slip and sgraffito ('to scr.... read more

This August 2016, ARTISANS’ kick started the festive calendar with ‘The Sari Modern’ by textile designe.... read more

ARTISANS' in collaboration with Lakme Fashion Week presented ‘Please Touch! The Handloom Experience&rs.... read more

ARTISANS’ ‘Ephemera 2016’, the eagerly awaited annual show of antique and vintage paper collectibles sh.... read more

From the Mother Goddess in the Indus Valley civilization to Matas like Sitala Devi in the contemporary world, Goddesses h.... read more

He is one one of the 50 most influential young Indians according to GQ magazine! In July 2016, <.... read more

An ancient Indian classical dance form, Kathak has evolved from a narrative art to an art of storytelling imbibed in dance. The.... read more

Zentangle is created by Rick and Maria from USA. They say, “Anything is possible one stroke at a time!”It is .... read more

Zentangle is created by Rick and Maria from USA. They say, “Anything is possible one stroke at a time!”It is .... read more

Winner of Rajat Kamal for Best Promotional Film at the 63rd National Film Awards

Weaves of.... read more

Kaiwan Mehta along with Nancy Adajania (Cultural Theorist and Curator) and Radhi Parekh (Founder-Director, ARTISANS') wil.... read more

Time to lose our fear for colour and start having fun with it!

Explore the role of colour .... read more

Become good at making holiday video clips, food videos, blogger videos and more! Learn to work better with social media a.... read more

No Erasers Required!

This workshop blends the concept of being mindfully present with art.... read more

In this intimate workshop with teacher educator, storyteller and dastango Valentina T.... read more

Ever thought of making your own book to suit your story?

Learn the art of folded handmade.... read more

Writers! Join Micheal Burns for a one-of-a-kind workshop that will harness your creativity and imagination to its full po.... read more

In this one-of-a-kind session, join Imran Ali Khan of Kiski Kahani : The Ramayana Project to go.... read more

Children and their families are invited to think green and with compassion. Explore your relati.... read more

Meet Anand Bhave whose world is made of paper!

In a double-bill, explore natural forms in.... read more

The artist’s latest body of work, Please Have a Seat, takes a turn away from the commercial and focuses on intimate human gestures .... read more

This summer Bandit Queen will be exhibiting high end home linen at the ARTISANS’ at greatly reduced prices.

Bandit Queen ho.... read more

Shaw was born in India but currently lives in Germany and has been to many places looking for fodder for his journal including Hunga.... read more

This summer, go for the chic with an affordable price tag as Lila brings its take on "Lines and Checks". This su.... read more

Let Mohamed Alnuma (oud, voice) and Mahdav (bansouri, saxophone) transport you through a journey filled by the beauty and magic of the Su.... read more

As winter wanes and the summer cranks up the heat, ARTISANS’ brings a fresh new collection of contemporary handwoven weaves by corp.... read more

ARTISANS’ is proud to present, artist Jagdish Chitara for his first ever-solo exhibition. We will display his contemporar.... read more

In reverence to the Benarasi weaver Kashi Wafta presents the Kim Khwab, the Dampach, the Neem Zari , the Kardwain weaves, the Jaals and J.... read more

Enso is the title of Dhvani Behl’s first solo show in Mumbai and also a symbol for her strong aesthetic sense and design philosophy.... read more

Gates of the Lord: A Tradition of Krishna Paintings, published by Mapin in association with the Art Institute of Chicago, discusses the t.... read more

Its energies, however, are spread between the Mumbai City District as well as the Mumbai Suburban District which is one of the largest di.... read more

For the first time, ARTISANS’ presents an exhibition of art prints by Tara Books. Through years of collaborating wi.... read more

Lena Cashmere in Contemporary Designs

Lena, also known as pashmina is the soft, thick undercoat that keeps the .... read more

A classical drape, endlessly evolving, ravenously reinterpreted, feted in fashion circles, and yet, very much also a part.... read more

Sambhavna Express is the second phase of the Artisan-to-Artisan project by Somaiya Kala Vidya (SKV), a Gujarat-based institute for artisa.... read more

“Each piece is hand crafted primarily using recycled gold, and is unique in its concept and design. I love collecting old gold bead.... read more

The weavers’ expertise at the loom paired with VIMOR’s wearable updates ensures long-term financial returns for weaving famil.... read more

Shah constructs each of her pieces by layering wheel and flat work, sometimes firing her work up to three times. “The spontaneity i.... read more

Known for their handwoven textiles not only changed the cultural landscape of Maheshwar in Madhya Pradesh but also introd.... read more

ARTISANS’ hosts the Bombay launch of ‘Unfolding,’ Maggie Baxter’s extensive book on contemporary .... read more

Her art sparkles and shines giving you new ways of looking into and at nature. The glass captures the glint of light and .... read more

ARTISANS’ launches the festive season with textile designer Pradeep Pillai who brings a collection of ‘contem.... read more

‘How one can create a difference between art, craft and fashion?’ Is there any social, scientific and creativ.... read more

After the success of Mumbai Articles, an exhibition of contemporary black and white, aerial photographs of Mumbai city, R.... read more

A walk around Jaipur City, will tell you much about its culture, its craftsmanship and heritage. With Clay Conversations,.... read more

This August, the myths and customs of the Gond people come alive through the works of Bhopal-based artist Sukhnandi Vyam .... read more

ARTISANS’ ‘Ephemera 2015’ anticipates the festive season by celebrating the iconography of Ravi Varma and his.... read more

The Curators of Clay are back at ARTISANS’ with their most personal show to date! Almost every potter worth their c.... read more

For Week 4 at ARTISANS’ celebrates one of cinema’s earliest and most respected pioneers! For Canadian animato.... read more

In association with the Consulate General of Canada

For Week 3 of SUMMER SHORTS ARTISANS.... read more

SUMMER SHORTS kicks off with craft films made by Nidhi Kamath and Keya Vasvani of Storyloom Films. Their stunning films o.... read more

Usha relishes each and every one of her adventures and always takes the opportunity to learn more about the culture and history of each p.... read more

Designer Gitika Goyal exhibitis her latest collection of understated and easy--to-use garments and home décor. While her work draw.... read more

Curators of Clay return to ARTISANS’ for their second solo exhibition - ‘Serve. Eat. Drink.’Bringing with them, .... read more

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